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Astrology Zodiac Characteristics

Aries, the Ram Element: Fire Planetary ruler: Mars Motto: I am.

The natural leader of the zodiac, Aries brings a fiery force of will to every endeavour. The impulse to rush headlong into any situation can bring remarkable success when tempered with reason, but rash recklessness can lead to hard lessons learned. Aries is dashing, forceful, and a bold risk-raker.

Taurus, the Bull Element: Earth Planetary ruler: Venus Motto: I have.

Taurus has a gentle quality and an appreciation of the physical world grounded in earthy sensuality. Under this calm exterior lies a determined and often stubborn will. Romantic, productive, and re­ responsible, Taurus can also be self-indulgent and though slow to anger, may hold a grudge.

Gemini, the Twins Element: Air Planetary ruler: Mercurius (Mercury) Motto: I think.

You may find a sparkling and witty Gemini at the centre of any social situation. Curious and articulate, Gemini seeks stimulation in a childlike fascination with everything. This can manifest as easily bored, flighty, impatient, and inconstant with commitments. Gemini is pulled in two (or more) directions at once.

Cancer, the Crab Element: Water Planetary ruler: Moon Motto: I feel profoundly emotional.

Cancer is the caretaker of the zodiac. Nurturing, loving, and loyal, Cancer is devoted to family and home, some­ times to the extent that it is hard to lure the Crab out of its shell. Cancer can be moody and fearful, but its vulnerability also gives great sensitivity and empathy for others.

Leo, the Lion Element: Fire Planetary ruler: Sun Motto: I will ·

Peele, radiance, and warmth are the hallmarks of regal Leo. The Lion's inborn confidence allows for incredible generosity, as Leo believes strongly in its power to get whatever it wants and needs. Unbalanced, this can show arrogance or vanity, with a tendency toward exaggeration.

Virgo, the Virgin Element: Earth Planetary ruler: Mercury Motto: I serve.

Purity, clarity, and discriminating taste are the hallmarks of Virgo's elegant nature. Attention to detail and great intelligence combine to make Virgo insightful and articulate. A de­ vocation to service and a gift for healing are counterpoints for the Virgo inclination to be overly critical, fussy, and pernickety.

Libra, the Scales Element: Air Planetary ruler: Venus Motto: I balance.

The Scales balance brings harmony and a love of refinement, often through artistic endeavours and attachment to beauty. Preferring peace to argument, Libra will avoid conflict at any cost. While partnerships of all kinds benefit from Libra's fairness, seeing all sides of every question can lead to indecisiveness and vagueness.

Scorpio, the Scorpion Element: Water Planetary ruler: Pluto Motto: I desire.

Passion, mystery, and drama make Scorpio both fascinating and challenging. Deeply sensitive, the Scorpion can lash out in self-protection if threatened or withdraw in secretiveness and depression. Scorpio's intense nature also shows loyalty and love that can go overboard into an obsession if not kept in check.

Sagittarius, the Archer Element: Fire Planetary ruler: Jupiter Motto: I know.

The philosopher of the zodiac, this sign always strives to see the long view. The Archer aims at its goals and inter­ests, constantly seeking knowledge and new horizons with a free spirit. 'Without a strong focus, Sagittarius can wander off into distrac­tions, lack of ambition, or restlessness.

Capricorn, the Goat Element: Earth Planetary ruler: Saturn Motto: I control

The constellation of Capricorn shows a creature with a goat's body and a fish tail. The earthy practicality of the Goat nay is driven by a deep emotional need for control and security, just as the sea goat is driven through murky waters toward shore. Rules and tradition keep profound Capricorn feeling safe.

Aquarius, the Water-bearer Element: Air Planetary ruler: Uranus Motto: I see.

Aquarius leads the way toward the future but can be distant and detached in the present. While usually open-minded, they tend to be insensitive to others if they are unwilling to be avant-garde or eccentric. Always on the forefront, Aquarius brings vision and ·imagination to any situation.

Pisces, the Fish Element: Water Planetary ruler: Neptunus (Neptune) Motto: I believe.

Dreamy Pisces swims within the waters of perceptive imagination and psychic gifts. Sometimes more interested in what could be than what is, Pisces may reject reality com­pletely, turning to addictions and dreaming to avoid harsh situations. Intensely spiritual, Pisces can be turned back toward the world through faith and hope.


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