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  • Please read the description below carefully to get the most out of my excellent services:


    The Workshops have three levels Basic, Intermediate and Advanced.


    Service details:

    Metaphysical Training and Workshops on

    • 1) Tarot
    • 2) Indian Astrology (Vedic and South Indian)
    • 3) Numerology
    • 4) I Ching
    • 5) Oracle cards, Angelic Numbers and Symbols
    • 6) Psychic Mediumship
    • 7) Psychic Archetypes and Animal Readings.
    • 8) Clairvoyance
    • 9)Clairaudience
    • 10)Clairsentience
    • 11)Claircognizant
    • 12)Clairalience
    • 13)Clairgustance
    • 14)Clairtangency
    • and Many more for the right person.


    Service Price:

    Online price:

    First Three Hours for £111 / per person

    After that, £ 60 per hour / per person 


    Workshop details for Initial 3 hrs.

    1)Overview of the workshop.

    2)Undertsanding the levels. 

    3)Understanding Terminology, Divination methods and how it works.

    4)Basic level training for Tarot, Numerology and Vedic astrology.


    Payment through the website: Paypal, Credit/Debit Card.

    Please go to the book online option (Special services) in the menu to book and make a payment.


    Please make sure the details provided by you are accurate.


    Please click here to provide the necessary details.


    After verifying the details, I will send you a confirmation mail along with the workshop instructions.


    In-person price or Group price can be discussed according to the needs. Please email me the valid details.


    Many Thanks


    METAPHYSICAL Training and Workshops

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