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  • Please read the description below carefully to get the most out of my excellent services:



    Service details:

    Mind, Memory, Intelligence Workshop Details: 



    • What is Mind?
    • Power of mind
    • Left and Right Brain Activities.
    • Achieving a Positive Attitude.
    • Manifestation Activities.



    • What is Memory?
    • Brain Language (Coding from 1 to 100)
    • Memorizing
        • Phone no's
        • Dates
        • Names
        • Places
        • Calendar
      • Playing cards
    • Learning One Word, Short and Long Answers.
    • Memorizing Formulae and Chemical reactions.
    • Memorizing Periodic Table.



    • What is Intelligence?
    • Multiple Intelligence
    • Types of Learning.
    • Multiple Quotient(IQ,EQ,AQ,CQ


    Service Price:

    Online price:

    First Three Hours for £111 / per person

    After that, £ 60 per hour / per person 


    ###Advance and Intermediate levels are available only after completing the BASIC level


    Payment through the website: Paypal, Credit/Debit Card.

    Please go to the book online option (Student Workshops ) in the menu to book and make a payment.



    After verifying the details, I will send you a confirmation mail along with the workshop instructions.


    Many Thanks

    Mind, Memory and Intelligence Test and Training (Age 13 and above )

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