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    Please read the description below carefully to get the most out of my excellent services:   


    This is a unique and private service


    This service consists of :


    1. Any number of Intensive and Detailed Reports (Any chosen Language).
    2. Find answers to all questions you have about the future,past and Present.
    3. Metaphysical counselling. 
    4. 8 hrs (full day) in-person consultation in all the below methods.
    • Tarot.
    • Indian Astrology (Vedic and South Indian).
    • Numerology.
    • I Ching.
    • Oracle cards, Angelic Numbers and Symbols.
    • Psychic Mediumship and archetypes.



    Intensive and Detailed Vedic and South Indian Life Time Report available in

    • English
    • Hindi 
    • Tamil 
    • Telugu 
    • Bengali 
    • Marathi 
    • Kannada
    • Gujarati                    



    The best and the most Comprehensive, Informative, Intensive and Detailed Life Time report.

    Once in a Lifetime report ( More than 175 Pages).


    Your Intensive and Detailed Life Time Report consist of :

    • Intensive Birth Chart Details.
    • Lifetime Calculations from all Vedic systems.
    • Intensive and Detailed Life Time Interpretations and Prediction.




    Payment through the website: Paypal, Credit/Debit Card.

    Please go to the book online option (Special Services) in the menu to book and make a payment.


    Please make sure the details provided by you are accurate.


    Please click here to provide the necessary details 



    The report will be delivered to you in-person.

    Please give 11 days for the audio recording.

    The price includes travel expenses within the UK only.


    Many Thanks.

    One Full day in-person +Unlimited Reports+ Metaphysical Counselling+All Methods

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