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  • Please read the description below carefully to get the most out of my excellent services:



    Service details:


    Your Varshapala report consist of :

    1) Your Birth  and Varashapala calculations side by side.

    2) Your Birth Chart and Navamsha.

    3) Planetary Details and its strength.

    4) Varashapala Chart  its Bhava Chart , Moon Chart and Navamsha Chart.

    4) Planetary strengh for the year.

    5) Tripataki Chakra its Vedhas and its results with explanations.

    6) Sahams for the year.

    7) Muddha Dashas and VImshottari Dasha .

    8) Varshapala Chart from Age 1 to Age 70.

    9) Varshapala Chart Detailed Explanation.

    10) Varshapala Dasha Detailed Explanation. 


    Free Gift

    Tajika Yogas with clear and Detailed explanation and presence in your chart.


    Payment  through the website: Paypal, Credit/Debit Card.

    An auto generated email confirmation with your invoice will be sent once the payment is completed.


    Please make sure the details provided by you are accurate.


    Please click here to provide the necessary details. 


    The report will be delievered to you within 24 hours.


    Many Thanks

    Detailed Varshapala ( Yearly report )

    £40.00 Regular Price
    £33.00Sale Price
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